Health Safety and Environment Management System Overview

Odun Environmental Limited ("Odun" or "Company") fully accepts its responsibility for providing a safe working environment and is totally committed to promoting and maintaining the highest standards of health, safety and environmental (HSE) management within all Company activities. Incident prevention shall be addressed as a core business value within the total company environment.

This Manual has been developed to provide the guiding principles and objectives for the HSE system. It is supported by the Odun HSE Operational Procedures Manual, which provides greater detail on the elements contained within the HSE Management Manual. Whereas the HSE Management Manual should remain relatively stable and not require frequent changes, the HSE Operational Procedures Manual will develop and change in response to the growth and change within Odun.

The HSE Management System Manual and Operational Procedures Manual have been designed to function in accordance with international best practices, which include the principles articulated within Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems, Environmental Management Systems, and Quality Management Systems. These principles are based around the concept of continual improvement through the issue of Policy Statements, the development of Plans to fulfill the intent of the Policy Statements, the implementation of these Plans, the measurement of performance against these Plans, and the regular Review of the process as a whole.

Continual improvement shall be the motivating force that ensures the Odun Management Team demonstrates due diligence in meeting their duty of care legal contractual requirements with regards to the management of HSE matters.

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