Odun Environmental Limited (OEL) carries out its business in a conscious and responsible manner that ensures that environmental, safety and social rights are always considered and maintained. This is achieved in our commitment to upholding strong legacy initiatives through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) drive in the society.

Our CSR commitment has seen us establish and continually develop various mechanisms and strategies in all locations and communities were we undertake projects and work and also on behalf of our clients. As a consequence of our vibrant ethical values as a responsible organization, we have established our “Community Affairs Safety, Health, Environment and Security (CASHES)” policy which is adopted during our project planning and development phase, ensuring that OEL actively engages all levels of stakeholders in partnership with our clients to identify needed projects and amenities.

This we achieve by maintaining environmental and safety consciousness, co-opting of employable workforce from the communities, youth and women empowerment programs, identification of beneficial social projects for the community, harmonious communication and relationships with communities through the identification and appointment of liaison officers amongst many others proven solutions.

The company has evolved in its drive to meet and improve on social and community expectations to enhance standards of living, community development and improve social welfare participation for a better future for communities and society.

At OEL, we believe business should at all times be conducted with integrity and in a transparent manner. Our key corporate social responsibility principles are as follows:

  • To conduct all our activities in accordance with all extant laws
  • To act transparently and honestly in all our business transactions
  • To apply best practice in our operations
  • Respect and act responsibly towards our business partners and stakeholder communities
  • To ensure that our presence in any country contributes to sustainable development of the community in which operate using our novel community engagement strategy
  • To ensure that in appropriate cases, no use is made of security agencies outside the regular government security measures for the protection of life and property
  • To deal with everyone that comes into contact with our business with respect, dignity and without discrimination on any grounds
  • Act responsibly towards the environment and ensuring safety for all in our work places both personnel and members of the public.

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