Our Goals

OEL is committed to delivering excellence in all our services, accompanied by a number of other defining values, which are at the heart of all our activity. The following are some of our identified company objectives:

  • To develop, maintain, train and retrain the best team of environmental experts and help develop and train local content in knowledge, technical capability, skills and practical experience required to deliver world class environmental services 
  • To be innovative environmental consultants, building a team that will be part of the world's leading environmental management firms.
  • To create solutions that will deliver a competitive edge and encourage more commercial opportunities.
  • To address environmental concerns in all sectors and help organisations identify their environmental aspects, set targets and track the success of their results.
  • To advise and assist our clients to identify and make progress towards the environmental targets they have put in place in order to reduce or control significant environmental aspects.
  • To promote and encourage best Health, Safety and Environment practices in our clients thus assisting them to meet their compliance requirements

Our Clients

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