Odun Environmental Limited (OEL) is a leading Environmental Management and Pollution Control Services provider established in 2000.

OEL has grown and developed a team of competent and certified professionals from a wide range of backgrounds who are at the heart of all we do and are our greatest asset.

Through our team we are able to deliver a range of multidisciplinary services in environmental management and pollution control by promoting and disseminating environmental awareness, utilizing best available technology  and practices with emphasis on high quality service delivery to resolve simple and complex environmental issues.

We take a collaborative approach with our clients, advising them and helping them to achieve sustainable development and success.

Our Team

The OEL staff team consists of certified safety and environmental professionals, certified Environmental Auditors (also certified by relevant bodies in the United States and United Kingdom), Oil Spill Response Operations Executive Commander (certified by the International Maritime Organization).

Our Consultants include Environmental Scientists and Engineers, Safety Professionals, Geologists, Chemists, Microbiologists, Water Chemists, Waste Specialists, Soil Scientists, Researchers, and Professionals chosen from various specialist and academic backgrounds such as Hydro-biology and Fisheries,, Air Quality and Meteorological Studies, Health and Social Studies, Geographic Information System among others bringing diverse experiences thus ensuring a variety of perspectives on any project.

Our corporate technical partners that assist us in delivering world class services locally anywhere include among others; STS Tank Cleaning Services (Spain), RCY (France), Aquarion Group (Germany), Soilutions Limited (united Kingdom) and Lilleaker Consulting (Norway). We have established a strong international network of leading environmental professionals’ and organizations in Europe, Asia, United States and Africa and can draw on the personnel and expertise of these firms  and their consultants on any project should the need arise.

OEL works strategically with clients to develop innovative ideas provide strategic and technical advice and our ability to review issues and problems through our clients’ perspective have led to our successful development of effective solutions.

OEL received its integrated Management System (IMS) comprising a Quality Management System (ISO 9001), Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) and an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001), this validates our organizations capacity to consistently provide services that conforms to regulatory requirements and most importantly meets international best practice and the requirements of our customers.

Our Goals

OEL is committed to delivering excellence in all our services, accompanied by a number of other defining values, which are at the heart of all our activity. The following are some of our identified company objectives:

  • To develop, maintain, train and retrain the best team of environmental experts and help develop and train local content in knowledge, technical capability, skills and practical experience required to deliver world class environmental services 
  • To be innovative environmental consultants, building a team that will be part of the world's leading environmental management firms.
  • To create solutions that will deliver a competitive edge and encourage more commercial opportunities.
  • To address environmental concerns in all sectors and help organisations identify their environmental aspects, set targets and track the success of their results.
  • To advise and assist our clients to identify and make progress towards the environmental targets they have put in place in order to reduce or control significant environmental aspects.
  • To promote and encourage best Health, Safety and Environment practices in our clients thus assisting them to meet their compliance requirements

Our Value

Collaboration, Community responsibility, Integrity, Reliability

Our Vision

To be a ‘First Choice’ provider of environmental and sustainable solutions locally and globally using best applicable practices and technology whilst developing local capacity.

Our Mission

To ensure the earth’s natural resources and the environment is sustained for future generations.
This we continue to pursue by promoting sustainable development, creating environmental awareness, identifying and reviewing environmental threats and opportunities and offering solutions through the application of cost effective and expedient technology.

Our Clients

Our Accreditations

Our Partners